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Curb Appeal is an environmentally-friendly lawn and garden maintenance service. We provide a full range of services to professionally maintain the beauty of your lawns and gardens. Following is a description of our services. If you do not see the service you need, please inquire.


Recommended twice a year, aeration is the removal of tubular shaped plugs from your lawn. This relieves compaction and enables the grass roots to spread as well as giving water, oxygen and nutrients direct access.

  Cutting & Trimming

Grass should be cut on a weekly basis with care given to preventing cross contamination and damage to your lawn. We can identify any issues and recommend resolution.

  Power Raking

Lawn areas will be power raked in early spring to control thatch and moss issues. Thatch is a layer of dead plant material that builds up between the soil and the grass blades.


Recommended in Spring and/or Fall to rejuvenate your lawn — especially following a power rake.


In situations where damage has occurred to your lawn, we will remove the damage, prepare the area and replace with new sod.

  Top Dressing

Recommended once every two years, we will apply a quality top soil mixture on top of your lawn to improve the soil base, promoting healthier growth.
  Design & Installation

We will design and install new flower beds, vegetable gardens, hedges, container gardens, and small trees or shrubs.

  General Care & Maintenance

Garden beds will be kept free of weeds, leaves, dead plant material, and other debris. Bedding plants will be routinely maintained to keep them healthy and attractive.


At the beginning of the growing season we will supply and install all landscape materials for existing gardens and containers. This can include annuals, perennials, summer flowering bulbs and the application mulch material.


We will conduct a thorough removal of all unwanted weeds and prepare the garden to eliminate future problems.

  Trimming & Pruning

All shrubs, hedges, and trees (under 15 feet tall) will be properly pruned to ensure healthy growth, attractive shape and to promote flowering./ fruit production.

 Bulb Planting
 Garden Preparation
 Leaf Pickup
 Power Washing
 Put up Xmas Lights
 Snow Plowing

Note: Due to licensing and environmental concerns, we do not do lawn fertilizing and pest control.



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